Knee-Deep In Bluegrass- Show 682 with Steve Gulley

Posted: Jul 29, 2016

Steve Gulley is my special guest this week in the Knee-Deep Artist Spotlight

SHOW 682– HOUR 1-Week of July 25, 2016

Show Open Theme-Knee-Deep In Bluegrass-Terry Baucom
Song- Longneck Blues-Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice with Ronnie Bowman
Song-Going Through Carolina-Curtis Wright
Song-You Know That I Would-Kenny & Amanda Smith
Segment Time: 13:05

Segment 2-
:15 bumper bed

Songs-Maggie’s Farm-Mountain Heart / I Got Mexico-Carolina Road w/Eddy Raven
Song-If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger-Hamilton County Ramblers
Song-I Am A Drifter-Volume Five
Network Commercials: Pickin’ In Parsons / Foothills Country Hams / IBMA
Segment Time: 17:10
(Local Commercials)

Segment 3-
:15 bumper

Songs-All That I Can Take-NewTown / Standing Tall & Tough-Crowe Lawson Williams
Songs-It Rains Everywhere I Go-Lynn Morris Alabama Jubilee-Presley Barker
Network Commercials: Adams Bluegrass / D & V Fest 2016
Segment Time: 14:24
(Local Commercials)

:15 bumper bed
Song-We Shall Meet Some Day-Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers
Song-When The Angels Carry Me Home-Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers
Network Commercial: Lowe Vintage Instrument Company

Segment Time: 7:20
(Local Commercials)

Local Station I.D.

Hour 2- Show 682

Segment 5-
:15 bumper bed

Song-Tick On A Dog-Town Mountain
Song-Carolina Wind-Irene Kelley
Segment Time: 6:41

Segment 6-spotlight-STEVE GULLEY
:15 bumper bed

Song-Aim High-Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle
Song-Not Now-Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle
Network Commercials: IBMA World of Bluegrass / D & V LandFest 2016

Segment Time: 14:07
(Local Commercials)

Segment 7-
:15 bumper bed

Song-Giving Up On You-Mike Bentley & Cumberland Gap Connection
Songs-Little Bit Lonesome-Gregg Welty / The Armour of My God-Joe Mullins
Network Commercial: Pickin’ In Parsons / Foothills Sugar Cured Country Hams
Segment Time: 12:46
(Local Commercials)

Segment 8-
:15 bumper bed

Song-Darling Nellie Across The Sea-Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass
Songs-Walk In The Sunshine-Spinney Bros / You Can Feel It In Your Soul-Earls of Leicester
Network Commercial: Adams Bluegrass (Marion, NC) / TN Fall Homecoming

Segment Time: 11:09
(Local Commercials)

Segment 9-
:15 bumper bed

Song-Around The Corner-Terry Baucom’s Dukes of Drive
Closing Theme –In A Groove-Terry Baucom
Segment Time: 6:49

Segment 10- :30 PROMO

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