Knee-Deep In Bluegrass- Show 535 Playlist

Posted: Sep 30, 2013

SHOW 535 – HOUR 1-Week of September 23, 2013

Segment 1-
Show Opening Theme: Knee Deep In Bluegrass by Terry Baucom
Songs-Another Day-Mountain Heart / Daddy Loved Trains-WildFire
Song-Mountain High, Feelin’ Low-Rickie Simpkins
Segment Time: 11:24

Segment 2-
:15 bumper bed
Songs-Ginny Danced-Nedski & Mojo / Back Up and Push-Brandy Miller
Songs-Fool’s Gold-Alan Munde Gazette / Childish Love-Herb Pederson
Network Commercials: Play Better Bluegrass /Outer Banks Festival
Segment Time: 16:29
Local Commercials

Segment 3-
:15 bumper
Songs-Thursday-Dale Ann Bradley / The Way I Am-Wildwood Valley Boys
Songs-Cabin On A Lonely Hill-Red Wine / This Little House of Mine-3 Fox Drive
Network Commercials: / Wayne Taylor Homecoming Festival
Segment Time: 15:28
Local Commercials

:15 bumper bed
Songs-Diamond Joe / T For Texas-Joe Val & The New England Bluegrass Boys
Network Commercials: Outer Banks Festival / Play Better Bluegrass
Segment Time: 9:24
Local Commercials
Local Station I.D.

Show 535-Hour 2-Week of September 23, 2013

Segment 5-
:15 bumper bed
Song-Blacktop-Alan Jackson
Song- Pearl-Cedar Hill
Segment Time:  9:52

Segment 6-
:15 bumper bed
Songs-Carolina In The Pines-Michael Martin Murphy/Mountain Girl-Lou Reid & Carolina
Songs-Suzanne-Allen & Lilly Band / Silent Partner-Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
Network Commercials: Play Better Bluegrass / Outer Banks Festival
Segment Time: 15:27
Local Commercials

Segment 7-
:15 bumper bed
Songs-Martha White Lester and Earl-Terry Baucom w/Marty Raybon & Short Order Time-Terry Baucom w/David Mayfield
Songs-The Devil’s Train-James King / Stepping On The Clouds-Kenny & Amanda Smith
Network Commercial: Mast Farm Inn /
Segment Time: 16:12
Local Commercials

Segment 8-
:15 bumper bed
Song-Ain’t Gonna Lay My Hammer Down-Blue Highway
Song-Great Day In The Morning-Claire Lynch
Network Commercial: Wayne Taylor Homecoming/Play Better Bluegrass
Segment Time: 7:57
Local Commercials

Segment 9-
:15 bumper bed
Song-Can’t You Hear Me Callin’-John Cowan with Del McCoury
Closing Theme: In A Groove by Terry Baucom
Segment Time: 7:18
Segment 10- :30 PROMO

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THANKS for listening!  I am happy to have met many of you at IBMA World of Bluegrass last week!  I appreciate everyone who stopped by the booth or came to the Bluegrass Ramble Showcase!  It was an incredible week, all the way around.  I will be posting more on that soon. ~Cindy