Knee-Deep Playlist-Show 490

Posted: Nov 14, 2012

I am playing MANY new cuts on this week's show, including songs by Grasstowne with Ronnie Bowman, Della Mae, Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, Junior Sisk and Ramblers choice with an Ashby Frank song and more!  Del McCoury from 1971 is featured in the 'Vintage Vault' portion with Ronnie Reno in the 'Concert Cuts'.


SHOW 490 – HOUR 1-Week of November 12, 2012

Segment 1-
Opening Theme-Knee-Deep In Bluegrass-Terry Baucom
Show Open
Songs-Jamie Dear-Della Mae / The Story of the Day I Died-Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
Song-Catch Me If I Try-Kenny & Amanda Smith Band
Segment Time: 12:51

Segment 2-
:15 bumper bed
Songs-This Old Guitar & Me-Grasstowne / Rich Man’s Daughter-Volume Five
Songs-A Natural Thing-Audie Blaylock / God Can-Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Network Commercials: The Mast Farm Inn /
Segment Time: 16:04
Local Commercials

Segment 3-
:15 bumper(Blue Chip Pick of the Week) Follow The Leader by Jessie Baker
Song-I Know How It Feels-Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time
Songs-Dream of Me-Josh Williams / Black Diamonds-Ralph Stanley II
Network Commercials: Christmas In The Smokies / Bluegrass Calendar
Segment Time: 14:42
Local Commercials

Segment 4-Vintage Vault-(1971) Del McCoury
:15 bumper bed
Song-Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die-Del McCoury
Song-Rain and Snow-Del McCoury
Network Commercials: Country Christmas Train / Evans Drug & Company
Segment Time: 7:57
Local Commercials
Local Station I.D.


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Show 490-Hour 2-Week of November 12, 2012

Segment 5-
:15 bumper bed
Song-A Blue Million Tears-Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
Song-Go My Way-Front Porch String Band featuring Claire Lynch
Segment Time: 6:09

Segment 6-
:15 bumper bed
Songs-On The Boulevard-New Grass Revival / Cold Iron Door-Newtown
Songs-Don’t Go Home Tonight-Town Mountain/11-14 Express-Kevin Richardson
Network Commercials: / Christmas In The Smokies
Segment Time: 14:09
Local Commercials

Segment 7-
:15 bumper bed
Songs-Old Southern Porches-Dale Ann Bradley / Time-Kathy Kallick Band
Songs-I’ve Been Changed-Cockman Family / Muddy Water-Michelle Nixon & Drive
Network Commercials: Evans Drug & Company / Country Christmas Train
Segment Time: 14:37
Local Commercials

Segment 8-Concert Cuts-Ronnie Reno & The Reno Tradition
:15 bumper bed
Songs-Drifting With The Tide / Love Please Come Home
Network Commercials: Bluegrass Calendar / The Mast Farm Inn
Segment Time: 8:04
Local Commercials

Segment 9-
:15 bumper bed
Song-Don’t Pass Me By-Lou Reid Terry Baucom & Carolina
Segment Time: 6:07


Knee-Deep In Bluegrass is a Production of John Boy & Billy, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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"Catch Me If I Try" is the new recording by Kenny & Amanda.  Check it out!